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A man who understood a woman. Saint Laurent.

Catherine Deneuve once said of her friend Yves Saint Laurent that he “designs for women who lead double lives.” Indeed, the themes of contrast and duality were pervasive in the late designer’s legendary body of work: Saint Laurent was the first to bring gritty streetwear (leather jackets, for instance) into the somber and magisterial couture salon.

designs for women1

He appropriated men’s tuxedos and fedoras and put them on women. He glorified proletarian garments (the pea coat and the peasant blouse) in luxurious fabrics. And he debuted African and Asian models on what had been predominantly white runways.

In constantly playing double Dutch with his divergent instincts, he created a new fashion template for the ultra-posh woman with a subversive streak.

This issue is meant to be dedicated to Yves Saint Laurent. A black and white editorial featuring Karen Elson, Linda Evangelista, Guinevere Van Seenus and Iris Strubegger in a funeral Steven Meisel cover story.

designs for women2